Updating Processing/Handling Certification Documents

Update packets will be sent via e-mail and postal as determined by your communication preference!  Please contact the office for the most current forms if you are having issues locating your update application.  

Processing/Handling Certification includes, but is not limited to, cooking, baking, curing, heating, drying, mixing, grinding, slaughtering, cutting, fermenting, etc. as noted in NOP regulations §205.270(a).

For NICS’s existing clients, we have created a new short renewal packet based on the new Organic System Plan modular system we rolled out last year. Please complete the Organic System Plan for Update Processing/Handling Certification – Short Form and the Fee Estimate Worksheet. Return these forms with your annual certification fees by April 1, 2023. Other forms may apply depending on the changes made to your operation or planned for 2021. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions while completing the documents. 608-637-7080 or nics.inbox@ecocert.com

Program/Guidance Documents:

NICS Certification Manual

National Organic Standards

NOP Handbook

The following documents are required to be submitted to the NICS office by May 1st each year to renew your organic certification with NICS:

H1.1 Organic System Plan for Update Processing/Handling Certification (OSPPHU) – Short Form
Fee Estimate Worksheet for Processors/Handlers

Additional OSP forms are provided below. Complete these forms as needed.

A1 NICS Certification Application
A2 Organic Certification Affirmation
A3 Electronic Signature Authorization
A4 Label Review Request
A5 International Arrangements
H1 Activities Checklist
H2 Facility Information
H3 Water Sanitation
H3.1 Handler Material Listing
H4 Transportation Storage
H5 Pest Management
H6 Quality Assurance
H7 Product Composition
H7.1 Master Products Listing
H7.2 Organic Product Profile Worksheet
H7.3 Master Supplier Listing
H7.4 Commercial Availability
H7.5 Commercial Availability Search
H7.6 Nonorganic Ingredient Declaration
H7.7 Natural Flavor Declaration
H8 Packaging Labeling
H9 Recordkeeping System
H9.1 Audit Trail & Inventory Control System
H10 Excluded Handler Plan
H11 Private Label Agreement
H12 Additional Products & Services Form