Initial Organic Crop Certification Documents

Organic Crop Certification includes vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, flowers, grains, hay, pasture, wild crops, sugar bush, woods, greenhouse operations, and more. Click on the appropriate documents below to complete your request for initial organic crop certification. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions while completing the documents. 608-637-7080 or

Program/Guidance Documents:

NICS Certification Manual

National Organic Standards

NOP Handbook

You must complete the following documents to begin your certification request with NICS:

Initial Application Checklist InitialChecklist_221219
Fee Estimate Worksheet for Farm Scope
Organic Certification Affirmation (OCA) OrganicCertificationAffirmation(OCA)_220913
Organic System Plan for Initial Crop Certification (OSPC) CropOSPLong(OSPC)_230103
Field History (FH) Form 6-FieldHistorySheet(FH)_220914
Seeds, Seedlings, & Planting Stock (SSPS) Form 7-SeedsSeedlings&PlantingStockForm(SSPS)_220914
Materials Input Listing (MIL) Form 9-MaterialsInputListing(MIL)_220913

If you have additional certification needs, please complete the following organic system plans, as applicable to your operation:

Greenhouse Organic System Plan (OSPGH) GreenhouseOSP(OSPGH)_220914
Maple Syrup Organic System Plan (OSPMS)
Maple Syrup Organic System Plan – Stand Alone (OSPMSO)
**for operations with only maple syrup production do not need to complete an OSP for Crops Certification**
Reinstatement Request Addendum (R1OSPRR) R1ReinstatementRequestAddendum(R1OSPRR)_220915
Wild Crop Organic System Plan (OSPWC) WildCropOSP(OSPWC)_220915

Supplemental Documentation for Crop Production

The following is a list of supplementary documents for organic crop certification. Please complete these documents, as applicable to your operation.

Buffer Crop Usage (BCU) Form BufferCropUsage(BCU)_220908
Calendar for recording field activities, manure spreading dates, and other farming activities 2023 Calendar
Clean Equipment Log (CEL) Form CleanEquipmentLog(CEL)_220908
Clean Transport Affirmation (CTA) Form CleanTransportAffirmation(CTA)_220908
Compost Production Record (CPR) Form CompostProductionRecord(CPR)_220908
Consent for Release of Records (CRR) Form ConsentforReleaseofRecords(CRR)_220908
Electronic Signature Authorization (ESA) Form ElectronicSignatureAuthorization(ESA)_220908
Facility Pest Management Agreement (FPMA) Form FacilityPestManagementAgreement(FPMA)_220908
Facility Pest Management Monitoring Log (FPMML) FacilityPestManagementMonitoringLog(FPMML)_220908
Harvest/Sales Summary (HSS) Form Harvest-SalesSummary(HSS)_220909
Material Input Review Request (MRR) Form MaterialsReviewRequest(MRR)_220913
Neighbor Notification Letter (NNL) Form NeighborNotificationLetter(NNL)_220913
Off-Farm Greenhouse Register (OFGH) Form Off-FarmGreenhouseRegister(OFGH)_220913
Off-Farm Manure/Bedding Verification (OFMBV) Form OffFarmManureBeddingVerification(OFMBV)_220913
Organic Seed-Planting Stock Search (OSS) Form OrganicSeedPlantingStockSearch(OSS)_220913
Prior Land Use Declaration (PLUD) Form PriorLandUseDeclaration(PLUD)_220913
Spray Drift Self Report (SDSR) SprayDriftSelfReport(SDSR)_220914
Transaction Certificate Authorization (TCA) TransactionCertificateAuthorization(TCA)_220914
Verification of Adjoining Land Use (VALU) Form VerificationofAdjoiningLandUse(VALU)_220914
Voluntary Surrender Form VoluntarySurrender(Surrender)_220914