Organic Certification Fees & Policy

Nature’s International Certification Services (NICS) provides quality certification services and a high level of customer service at a reasonable cost. Our detailed fee estimate worksheets describe the certification fees, additional and optional services, and provides a worksheet to assist in determining the fees for your certification request. Certification and inspection base fees must accompany all requests for certification, along with any other applicable fees associated with your request. Please contact the office for assistance with estimating your costs to certify.

Fees for additional services are due as billed. User fees, if applicable to the operation, are to be reported and paid on a quarterly basis with our Option 1 fee structure or on an annual basis with our Option 2 fee structure. All fees must be current for certification services to be provided. Refer to the applicable Fee Estimate Worksheet for further details (links to fillable PDFs are below). Feel free to contact our office with any questions, we are happy to walk through the fees that apply to your operation with you.

How to Estimate Organic Certification Fees:

Download a printable version of the Fee Estimate Worksheet (All Farm-Scope Producers).

Download a printable version of the Fee Estimate Worksheet (Processing/Handling Scope Producers)