Organic Certification Process

Follow these steps to apply for organic certification:

  • The first step in the certification process is to acquire an application packet. The packet can be requested from our main office or you can download the forms from this site.
  • Next, complete and send in your application and the appropriate fees to the NICS office.
  • One of the NICS staff members will perform a pre-review of your application. NICS will then inform you of the results of this review, including the need for additional information. If it appears that you comply or have the ability to comply with the National Organic Standards and NICS’s certification requirements, your file is sent to an inspector at this time.
  • When the inspector receives your certification file, s/he will contact you to make an appointment. Remember, your inspector only inspects and reports on your operation. They do not certify you or make determinations about products or practices. After the inspection, the inspector returns your file to NICS, along with an inspection report. NICS will send you a copy of this report and any documents that were updated at your inspection.
  • Upon receipt of the inspection report, you are encouraged to read it over carefully and submit comments or corrections to NICS.
  • At this time, your file is given to our certification staff for final review and decision on organic certification.
  • You will receive a written notification of the decision made or a request for additional information. You have the right to correct or rebut violations found, request mediation, or file an appeal. The information on these steps will be outlined in the notification you receive.
  • Upon successful completion of the certification process you will receive your copy of your Organic Certificate and Profile of Organic Operations.