Zimba, Edward : MI0014-GLH-13-0542

Name: Zimba, Edward
Business Name: Zimba Dairy, Inc.
Address: 7995 Mushroom Road, Deford, Michigan 48729
Phone: 989-872-2680
Email: mzimba734@gmail.com
Scope: Crop, Livestock
Certified Products: Crops: Alfalfa/Grass, Black Beans, Blue Corn, Corn, Pasture, Soybeans, Spelt, Spelt Straw, Triticale/Oats/Peas, Triticale/Peas, Triticale/Rye, Wheat, and Wheat Straw;

Livestock: Dairy Cows for Milk, all eligible for organic slaughter; Dairy Replacements, all eligible for organic slaughter; Dairy Steers, all animals are eligible for organic slaughter;

Products: Milk, Grinding of organic grains for organic feed, and Roasting of organic grains
Certified Status: Certified
Producer’s Certificate: MI0014-GLH-13-0542