Bodnar, Tyler: ND0004-H-11-0280

Name: Rose, Beth
Business Name: Langdon Locker, LLC
Address: 324 6th Street, Langdon, North Dakota 58249
Phone: 701-256-2496
Scope: Handling
Certified Products: Products: Contract Processing of Organic Beef Products for Prairie Rose Organic Farm: tallow, eye of round roast, soup bones, heart, liver, tongue, oxtail, brisket, flank, kidney, stew beef, rib roast, boneless chuck eye roast, blade roast, blade steak, arm roast, boneless shoulder roast, boneless shoulder steak. ribeye roast, top loin steak, porterhouse steak, boneless top loin steak, pin bone sirloin steak, flat bone sirloin steak, wedge bone sirloin steak, heel of round roast, top round steak, boneless rump roast, bottom round roast, bottom round steak, shank crosscuts, flank steak, tip steak, beef for kabobs, flank steak rolls, skirt steak rolls
Certified Status: Certified
Producer’s Certificate: ND0004-H-11-0280